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SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System | Home Use Device for Men and Women| Permanent Hair Removal Device | Safe on Skin | FDA Approved |Made in the UK

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  • Ultrafast IPL
  • 100 flashes per minute
  • Treat whole body in under 10 minutes
  • Glide and Stamp treatment modes
  • Unlimited flashes
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after 4 weeks
  • Weekly treatments
  • For use on body and face
  • Compact for easy use on the go
  • Suitable for all but the darkest skin tone
  • Winner of Best Electrical Device at Pure Beauty Awards 2017

Ultrafast. With 100 flashes per minute, treat your whole body (lower and upper legs, bikini line and underarms) in less than 10 minutes!

Safe and Simple: SmoothSkin Bare checks your skin tone before each flash and will only activate if it's safe.


Up to 92% hair reduction after 4 weeks of treatment: Treat the area once a week, and you'll start seeing results in as little as 4 weeks.


Unlimited flashes: So you don't have to worry about running out!


SmoothSkin Bare is the fastest IPL system in town. With 100 flashes per minute, you can treat your whole body in less than 10 minutes. And, if you follow your treatment regime, it will completely replace your shaving routine!


100% Money Back Guarantee if returned within 14 days.


1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


Product name SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System | Home Use Device for Men and Women| Permanent Hair Removal Device | Safe on Skin | FDA Approved |Made in the UK
Sku SSK0001
Product form Kit/Tool
Skin type Normal, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Oily
Recommended usage day , night, noon
Manufacturer Smoothskin
Weight 200g
Specially suited Women
Questions & Answers
Not at all. SmoothSkin Bare is fitted with a powerful fan to cool down the electric components, and sometimes the device may need to slow down slightly to allow the fan to do its job effectively.
The smell of burning when in use can indicate that the treatment area hasn’t been properly prepared for treatment. Skin must be completely hair-free (for best results by shaving, if hair is not completely removed it may damage the front of the device), cleaned and dried. If any visible hair remains above the surface of the skin, it can burn on treatment with your SmoothSkin device. If you are concerned STOP treatment and contact us.
Carefully wipe with a soft, dry cloth and ensure that the glass filter is undamaged after every use. The head of the device (gold or silver part) can be removed. Please see your user guide for further guidance.
No, there should not be any glass against the skin. The glass filter is recessed back into the device.
This is perfectly normal, the lamp is quality engineered and has passed the highest standards of quality checks. This does not affect the power output.
This indicates there is a fault with the device. Stop using the device and contact us.

Don’t panic, Smoothie! This is caused by residual hairs, stubble or debris on the surface of the skin and won’t affect the device’s performance in any way, it’s purely cosmetic.

In the future, you need to make sure you have shaved and cleaned the area you wish to treat immediately prior to treatments. If your device is marked please remove the gold or silver front and clean as per the instructions in the user guide.

If you’re still concerned, please contact us for further advice.

Make sure the power supply is plugged in. Ensure the Skin Tone Sensor is fully pressed against the skin. Your skin could be too dark for treatment. Check against the skin tone chart in the front of your user guide. If you cannot get it to work, please contact us.
SmoothSkin Bare features unlimited flashes, so you’ll never have to worry about running out.
When the Skin Tone Sensors are placed on the treatment area the blue light emitted by the Sensors is reflected back from your skin. The device then detects your skin tone is appropriate for use.

To get the most out of your SmoothSkin Bare, you should use it every week to ensure all hair follicles are treated. In the first few weeks following the initial treatments, you will still see some hairs growing. Relax, these will likely be the hairs that were not treated in their growth phase (when IPL is most effective) so be sure to keep up with the treatments!

Within 4 weeks, you should be seeing a reduction in hair regrowth. Doesn’t it feel fantastic? There will still be some hairs that need treating as you need to catch each hair in the right phase, but don’t worry, things will only get better from here on in – so keep it up! Once you get the desired results, you’ll still need to continue with top-ups around every two weeks, just to keep regrowth in check.