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Sejin Korea

Sejin Korea Wrinkle Care Moisture Ampoule 100 ML

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Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer

Visible Result in 10 Minutes

Imported & Korean Made 



Sejin Korea Wrinkle Care Moisture Ampoules

 Wrinkle Care Moisture Ampoule is scientifically formulated from clinically tested ingredients that are proven to reduce wrinkles, bags and fine-lines across your eyes, face and neck leaving your skin with a smooth youthful glow. It is powerful and effective and most of all completely safe to use unlike harmful botox injections. This product is designed for use across all skin-types. Its miraculous anti-aging properties help you look like you gorgeous, young self in seconds. As soon as you apply the serum, it goes to work deep down in your skin, tightening it while working to remove bags and other signs of aging. It’s a must have for every modern woman. Korejska Kozmetika is one of the world’s premier cosmetic brands. Based in Korea, the cosmetic capital of the world, we manufacture scientifically tested and clinically proven cosmetic products that are safe and proven effective.


  1. SAFE & EFFECTIVE: BIO-TOX? Wrinkle Care Moisture Ampoule is 100% safe and effective on all types of skin. Say goodbye to harmful Botox therapy and injections – Bio-Tox is here!
  2. CLINICALLY PROVEN: This product is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and reduce fine lines across your eyes, face and neck.
  3. IMMEDIATE EFFECTS: See your wrinkles immediately disappear on application of this miracle serum. Unlike other anti-wrinkle products, BIO-TOX goes to work right away, hydrating your skin and removing wrinkles from the minute it is applied.
  4. SPECIAL FORMULATION: In addition to therapeutic effects, active ingredients in Bio-Tox help firm up tired and aged skin, while its intense grease-free formula increases collagen production, improving your skin's firmness and elasticity.
  5. IMPORTED: This luxury skincare product is imported from Korea.



Clinically Proven Results in 10 Minutes

Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser from Sejin Korea
Result in normal skin
Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser from Its care
Result in combination skin
Korean Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser
Result in oily skin
Korean Moisturizer
Result in Dry Skin
Korean Beauty Products
Result in ageing skin
Wrinkle Moisturizer
Result in pigmented skin
Immediate result Moisturizer
Result in sensitive skin
Sejin Korean Wrinkle Moisturizer Ampoule
Live Result Experimented in an Beauty Expo at South Korea
Product name Sejin Korea Wrinkle Care Moisture Ampoule 100 ML
Sku SJC0001
Product form Lotion
Skin type Normal, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Oily
Recommended usage day , night
Manufacturer Sejin Korea
Weight 100ml
Treatment for Ageing Skin, Deeper Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Specially suited Men, Women, Teens