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ACME+ Whitening Mask 23g

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How to use

Step 1 After washing the face, you need to put lotion on your skin.

Step 2 Open the pouch and make sure that the instant whitening mask is straightened out.

Step 3 Put it on the face tightly as fitting well in the face shape.

Step 4 After taking a comfortable rest about 15-20 minutes, remove the mask from the face

Step 5 To tap the remaining concentrate beauty essence on your skin.

Step 6 You can feel the more effects as using every day.



  • Instant whitening effect as soon as usage.
  • Moisturizing and wrinkle treatment effect.
  • Maintain skin homeostasis by curing skin trouble and soothing.
  • Good skin adhesion like natural skin and so let beauty nutrients go to skin.


  1. Green Algae Extracts
  2. Vitamin Complex ACE (Vitamin B3, B5, E, C)
  3. Whitening Natural Marine Ingredients
    • Black Pear (Tahitian Pearl)
    • Oyster Peptide
    • The Sea Cucumber
  4. Whitening Natural Land Ingredients
    • Linteus Mushroom Extract
    • Aloe Extract
    • MSM


SAFE & EFFECTIVE: ACME+? Skin Whitening Mask is made from naturally sourced ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis, Black Pearls from Tahiti and Oyster Peptides that are completely safe for use on all skin types. It contains no alcohol, preservatives, perfumes or artificial colours that are harmful to skin.

CLINICALLY PROVEN: This product is clinically proven to whiten skin while reducing wrinkles and fine lines across your eyes, face and neck.


IMMEDIATE EFFECTS: Unlike other skin whitening products, the active ingredients go to work on your skin immediately on use, leaving you skin looking fairer and younger with a healthy glow.


WITH VITAMIN COMPLEX: The specially formulated ACE Vitamin Complex provides your skin with much needed Vitamin B5, B3, E and C that fight the effect of aging by removing wrinkles and tightening skin.


IMPORTED: This luxury skincare product is imported from Korea.


ACME+ Skin Whitening Mask is scientifically formulated from clinically tested ingredients that are proven to lighten and whiten skin while reducing wrinkles, bags and fine-lines across your eyes, face and neck leaving your skin with a smooth youthful glow. It is powerful and effective and most of all completely safe to use unlike harmful bleach based whitening creams, gels, lotions, oils and ointments. This product is designed for use across all skin-types. Its miraculous anti-aging properties help you look like you gorgeous, young self in seconds. As soon as you apply the serum, it goes to work deep down in your skin, leaving it fairer while working to remove bags and other signs of aging. It’s a must have for every modern woman. Acme+ is one of the world’s premier cosmetic brands. Based in Korea, the cosmetics capital of the world, we manufacture scientifically tested and clinically proven cosmetic products that are safe and proven effective.

Product name ACME+ Whitening Mask 23g
Sku SJC0003
Product form Mask
Skin type Normal, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Oily
Manufacturer Sejin Korea
Weight 23ml
Treatment for Ageing Skin, Dry Skin
Specially suited Men, Women