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Dermastir Roller Eye Contour

Dermastir Roller Eye Contour
Dermastir Roller Eye Contour
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Dermastir Roller Eye Contour 

Dermastir Roller Eye Contour 

Dermastir roller eye & lip contour contains mainly a combination of decongestant ingredients and anti-wrinkle ingredients. This 2 in 1 combination is a perfect solution to correct imperfections by treating the underlying cause. The anti-wrinkle ingredients with myorelaxation properties act immediately around the eye and lip contour. The decongesting ingredients in Dermastir roller have the unique quality of being able to absorb large quantities of water and therefore it is possible to drain the water out of puffy eyes. There are also other active ingredients in Dermastir roller that oxygenate the eye contour and therefore eliminate dark circles around the eyes. 

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25 ml

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Day, Night

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Ageing skin

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Men, Women

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