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After washing your face does your skin feel

If your skin feels stretched after a wash, you have dry skin. Choose products for dry skin. Use a soap free face wash & keep your skin well hydrated. X
If your skin feels greasy & you have a shiny T zone (forehead & nose), you have oily skin. Use products for oily skin & wash your face frequently. X
If your skin is normal to dry with a shiny T zone (forehead & nose), you have combination skin. Use normal or combination skin products. X
If your skin feels irritated with red blotches after using soap, perfumes or shaving, you have sensitive skin. Use hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free products suited for sensitive skin. X
If your skin feels normal & supple after a wash, you have normal skin. A simple regimen of cleansing, moisturizing & sun protection will help you maintain your skin & keep it healthy. Choose from a range of normal skin-care products. X
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