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Retilift Cream Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Care

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  • Is a combination of free radical quenchers (vitamin E and vitamin C) and is highly concentrated in Stabilized Retinol (vitamin A Palmitate) that provides an optical, wrinkle-distorting effect by increasing cell redistribution, forming a barrier function to retain the moisture
  • Retilift cream has a normalizing effect on skin pigmentation
  • Not only improves the appearance of existing wrinkles, it also helps to prevent wrinkles
  • Smoothes the skin around the eyes, nourishing, moisturizing and toning it
  • It also combats dark circles and puffiness to leave the skin with a youthful radiant look
  • After the very first application, lines are smoothed and the skin regains its glow.
  • Day after day face looks visibly younger
Product name Retilift Cream Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Care
Sku APP0003
Product form Cream
Skin type Normal, Dry, Combination
Manufacturer Apple
Weight 30gram
Treatment for Ageing Skin, Deeper Wrinkles, Teen Skin, Under Eye Dark Circles
Specially suited Women, Teens