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Kerastem Hair Color Brown No 4 (Formerly Known as Optima)

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Cosmedi formula benefits:

No ammonia - Replaced by a milder ingredient with no odor, no unpleasant fumes during color application.

No paraphenylene diamine -

PPD is a widely used hair dye, found in almost all traditional colors.

In some individuals ppd can cause allergic reaction or sensitivity.

Gentle to the scalp and to the hair.

No parabens -

Parabens are widely used in cosmetics as a preservative.

In nh3-free, alternatives have been adopted

Natural extracts -

Increased moisture & protection to the hair.

Hair strengthening.

Gentle formula - Increased respect for the health of the hair.

End results & advantages:

Brilliant and shiny colour

Convenient 100 ml tube allows 3 to 4 applications

Easy to use: same as traditional colour no special training required

Highly safe cosmetic formulation

Coverage: same coverage as traditional hair dye.

Color duration: same as traditional

Maximum is 3 tones lift.

Formula rich in natural ingredients:

Argan oil -

Help to protect the hair and provide nourishment while revitalizing and reinforcing the hair leaving it soft, shiny and silky.

Cocoa oil extract

Gives substance to hair fibre and smoothens the cuticle.

Hair is softer, stronger and shiny.

Natural keratin

Helps strengthen, protect and revitalise the hair.

Jojoba oil

Has a moisturizing and softening effect on the hair and scalp.

Helps to strengthen the hair follicle.

Promotes healthy shine: hair is lustrous which enhances the color.

PACKAGING: 100 ml color & 150 ml developer.


Kerastem Hair Color Ammonia, Free PPD Free, Resorcinol Free, Paraben Free with scalp care.

Cosmedi - PPD and Ammonia Free Hair Color

A true alternative to a traditional hair color. Provides a cosmetic color with the maximum respect to the hair and scalp. Ammonia and PPD Free Hair Color:

Works like a traditional colour

Lifts up to 3 tones

100% coverage

Processing time: 25-35 minutes

Doesn’t stain scalp

Easy to rinse out

Less risk of allergy

No unpleasant fumes

Reduced irritation

NH3 Free exploits innovative and advanced technology to provide a high level color result

NH3 is the ammonia that is found in traditional hair dyes.

Optima hair color has:

NO ammonia

NO ppd (paraphenyldiamines)

This means:

Less risk of allergy

No unpleasant fumes

Reduced irritation


MRP : 2050

Name of the MFG/Importer : M/S Cosmedi srl

Address of the MFG/Importer : Viale Sardegna 26 20090 Pieve Emanuele Milano Italy

Product name Kerastem Hair Color Brown No 4 (Formerly Known as Optima)
Sku KST0004
Product form Kit/Tool
Manufacturer Kerastem
Weight 270ml